Website for the tangible and the intangible Coming soon

A website is under construction, it will be designed to also reflect some of the sound and voice Work I do. My sound work is often of ephemeral nature and event specific, I am not very sure why, I have never really analysed it either. I guess it is a bit like building a sand castle. I do have a record of some stuff though and I have now decided to at least try to find links to past projects.

Here is the most recent one, Tommy Perman’s incredible remix project for Kit Records, alongside some really incredible people. It has a couple of extracts from my collaborations with Simon Kirby and his modular synth. Enjoy…


And here is a link to AMADA, a Tron Theatre production directed by Cora Bissett. I wrote and performed the music for it with Chilean guitar genius Galo Cerón-Carrasco and was nominated for best use of music at the CATS awards (Critic’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland).

“Nerea Bello’s wonderful singing celebrates the true female voice and the deep raw physicality of love, birth and death…” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman.

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