The many piano stories

What a joy it is to explain where materials of my work come from, and what an even greater joy to hear everyone’s stories about pianos.
I shared a stall with Gail, from #gailpowerartdesign1 at the #COLABScotland market yesterday and here are a few of the stories people shared with me, this project is really becoming a fascinating experience.

“My brother died a while ago, the only thing I have left of him is his piano, he used to play the piano and I looked after it while he was living away”.

“Pianos bring so much joy to people for such a long time, those keys have probably been played by many fingers and they are now still bringing joy to somebody, and to somebody’s fingers!”

“You are wearing the music that was played and cherished”

“We should have all had something like this made for all the sisters before we threw our old piano away to remember our dad…”