Reflecting in the studio

I am spending long hours in the studio, sometimes in silence, some times listening to the news or downloaded radio programs. Everything is covered in black sawdust and I don’t mind. I am making a lot of jewellery and I am having difficulty sleeping due to the ideas flooding my brain.  It’s all good, I got a delivery of recycled silver today, I will be making more pairs of long earrings, I still need to find a good cement, the two part epoxy resin is ok but would like something less messy… but I do like the design.


Last days of a piano, still 1.

The dismantling of the piano is leading to some very exciting processes and ideas. The forms are quite modernist and minimal. Using materials that exist and have already told many a story fills me with joy, being able to add to those stories is even better.

I am producing one off bespoke pieces for Zakata pop up shop that will hold a stall at the Country Living Fair in At the SECC IN Glasgow in November



by Simon Kirby