A chaorain, a chaorain

Little peat, little peat, I will knock your crown for you…if you don’t light the lamp. A chaorain is song sang by Annie MacDonald for my beloved friend Margaret Fay Shaw recorded in her book “Folksong and folklore of South Uist”.

The process of making the whisky bottle top has been a lot more enjoyable than expected, there were a few potential problems like many, many, many soldering processes of elements with very different thicknesses so I feel I have learnt a huge amount.

Techniques were probably more silversmithing techniques a lot of the time, and as I had suspected before it is a medium I would like to explore further. I enjoyed using peat or turf with the silver, it was a challenge working with it as it can crumble but after exploring different avenues and failing rather a lot I “tamed”it and got the result I wanted. And I have never seen anyone work with peat before!

I was also pleased with the little detachable tie pin or brooch.  It slots through a tube on the side of the bottle top. I researched different peat cutting tools and made a miniature version of one used on Islay and Colonsay. Making a realistic form was a lot more fun than expected.